Feature: PlayStation on a cinema screen? Count me in

Playstation Parties at West End Cinema
Playstation Parties at West End Cinema

We sent reporter and avid gamer Daniel Jaines to West End Cinema in Boston to try out their new offering - gaming on the silver screen...

Being an avid gamer I have often wondered what the heroes and characters of my favourite games would look like actual size.

Playstation Parties at West End Cinema

Playstation Parties at West End Cinema

So, when I was invited by West End Cinema to try out their new ‘PlayStation Party’ service, I knew I was one step closer .

PlayStation Parties are the brainchild of West End Cinema general manager Alan Warner and head office Savoy Cinema’s operations manager Mark Welbury.

The premise is that people can book two hour slots to play video games on the big screen. Currently they only have a PS3 but potentially have the ability to hook up other consoles.

I went along with sports editor Duncan Browne, who opted to take me on at Fifa.

For a non-football fan, Fifa felt a bit daunting.

I’ve never been good at the sporting games and probably never will be, but I will admit, seeing it on the massive screen was intense.

We played Liverpool v Man Utd – and I lost 4-0 with a man sent off.

It was still a great experience though and the sound in the cinema carried round making it feel like an actual stadium with thousands of people in.

A quick rematch later and I was again beaten by the impressive skills of the sports editor extraordinaire.

It was then he had to leave and I was given the chance to play one of my all-time favourite games, Assassins Creed: Brotherhood.

Now, I love the Assassins Creed series, all the way from game one to the latest installment – but my favourite Assassin so far is Ezio and my favourite location? 
Rome, of course. So this was perfect.

The game loaded up, and there he was standing tall on the screen as I’d always thought, hidden blade in hand (because I was pressing the attack 

I just had to compare myself to my hero and get a picture, so I walked to the front of the cinema, looking up, I climbed (with permission from Mr Warner of course) to the level of the screen and stood next to him – and realised my gaming hero was now a foot higher 
than me.

PlayStation Parties take place in West End Cinema, on West Street, Boston, and entail the rental of one of the screens.

They cost £95 for two hours and can cater up to 30 people, although, even if you got 10 mates to chip in that’s only £9.50 per person.

The cinema will aim to supply any games that you want to play, although you can take along your own.

Although the sessions are called PlayStation Parties, general manager Alan Warner said it should be possible to hook up other consoles to the system.

Players can buy refreshments from the cinema’s in-house services or they can take their own with them.

If successful it is hoped the cinema will be able to start holding tournaments in the town.

For more information or to book a party of your own visit www.westendcinema.co.uk or call 01205 363634 after 1pm.