PAGES FROM THE PAST: Man reunited with brother after 45 years apart

Community news and events from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston
Community news and events from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

Here’s a run down of some of the historic events from our archives.

25 years ago... 1989

Boston man Basil Nakon was reunited with his brother Jaroslav... after 45 years apart.

Basil was 18 the last time he had seen his sibling, their family torn apart when men from their Ukranian village of Hukacivci were taken away as prisoners of war by the invading German forces of 1944.

After the war, Basil and his elder brother Peter settled in Lincolnshire.

“We all had a good cry, it was a wonderful moment,” said Basil as his younger brother landed on English soil.

○ Bridegroom Gary Atkinson refused to let a car crash ruin his wedding day.

Despite the Leverton resident and his brother Royce being involved in a collision just an hour before the nuptials were due to take place, the duo managed to get checked out at Pilgrim Hospital, released and to the altar where he wed Debbie Pearson just 30 minutes later than scheduled.

But the bad luck didn’t end there as a storm caused the power to cut out at their reception, just as the first record was being played.

○ Jean ‘Jessie’ James became Boston’s first-ever female traffic warden after 17 years’ experience in the Luton area.

○It was announced that Boston’s new £1.3m swimming pool was to be named after Mayor Geoff Moulder.

45 years ago... 1969

A pilot was forced to swim to safety after his light aircraft crashed on take off.

The plane was carrying chemicals for a crop spraying operation and failed to gain enough height from the New Hammond Beck Road area.

The pilot was forced to jettison his load but the aircraft’s wheels struck the river bank before the plane landed in the Noth Forty Foot Drain.

Pilot Peter Green was uninjured and swam to safety.

○ Donington baby Andrew Neil Melbourne was named runner-up in the Lincolnshire Moon Baby competition.

The award was handed out to the child born closest to the first moon landing.

Young Andrew was named after Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon.

The winner was Metheringham’s Gary Aldrin Wilson, named, of course, after fellow crew member Buzz.

○ When eight-year-old Linda Blythe paid a shilling to enter the balloon race at the Giles School Fete in Old Leake she never thought she would win.

But her balloon was found in Denmark, earning her the £4 prize.

○ Holland County Council was looking to impose stricter rules meaning youngsters aged 15 and under would not be able to enter amusement arcades unless accompanied by an adult.