2013 REVIEW: August - hospital appointments, comedy rap, BID, park bushes

50 Sniffs
50 Sniffs

Every year around 50,000 appointments at Pilgrim Hospital were being rearranged from their original dates according to latest statistics.

It was also revealed 5,000 operations or procedures were put back in the prior year.

August front

August front

The figures included appointments the hospital themselves changed and ones where patients failed to turn up or were unable to make it.

○ Town centre businesses were being asked whether they wanted to keep the Boston Improvement District (BID) for another five years.

It was expected to cost the 500 businesses, which had a levy imposed, around £792,000.

The BID was later unsuccessful in the elections.

○ A comedy rap act found fame with their latest video release which featured the East Coast resort of Skegness.

50 Sniff’s, comprised of Fiddy, Dizzle and Kizzle – akaJimmy May, David Vaughan and Jake Kelly – released Fish Chips and Donkey Ridez which had hit 72,000 views at the time of publication.

○ More changes were being proposed for the Market Place, this time planters were being installed to mark out the no-parking area of the town centre.

Bollards would also be installed to allow for deliveries.

○ Bushes were removed from Central Park in an attempt to stop people using it as a toilet. The bushes were down the Thorold Street side and it was planned to relandscape the area.