A lifetime of home-hopping and toe-touching for ‘Betty’

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CELEBRATING a century of life on the move is Boston’s Eunice Knight.

A familiar face for many in the borough, Eunice, better known as Betty, marked her 100th birthday on Friday with five generations of her family at Richmond House, Boston. The Standard dropped by on the day and Betty showed us her ‘party piece’ - touching her toes!

The Standard spoke to Eunice’s daughter Maureen Woodcock who explained her mother’s extraordinary lifetime of home-hopping which saw her live in a staggering 14 different homes across the area.

“My father George was a farm worker which meant he and mum had to move around a lot and go where the work was,” she said.

“Mum was born in Swineshead and started off her married life in 1937 at Witham Bank, Chapel Hill. There was no running water there and she had to get water out of the river.

“Dad made her some steps down to the water and she used to go down with a bucket!”

From Chapel Hill they then moved onto Scremby near Spilsby, and onto Swineshead.

“But they didn’t stop there - they moved again and again, living twice in Bicker, then Gedney Drove End, a bungalow in Boardsides, Boston, and again to East Heckington,” she said.

“Back then they had to use a horse and waggon to transport their possessions around!”

By 1950 the family settled at Wyberton for a while before moving to Anwick Place, Boston and twice in Old Leake.

“They then finally moved back to Swineshead, which is where mum lived until she moved into Richmond House in January this year,” Maureen said.

Up until her retirement in 1970, Betty worked at Lovelies Bakery in Boston.

“She was a familiar face in town and all the kids used to call her ‘Nana Knight’,” said Maureen.

“She retired aged 60, which means she has been a lady of leisure for the last 40 years,” she laughed.

On Saturday Betty was surprised with a huge party at Zion Methodist Church and a Chinese meal on the Sunday with five generations of her family, some of which came all the way from Canada to celebrate her birthday.

Maureen added: “Mum’s now virtually deaf and blind - but she loves Chinese buffets as she says every mouthful is a surprise!”

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