A 'quacking' show of heroism in ducklings rescue

Monday 11am - CARING members of the public helped in the dramatic rescue of a dozen tiny ducklings stranded at the end of Church Lane in Boston on Friday.

The birds had become separated from their mother near the footbridge after a sneaky cat tried to snatch one of them.

Curious shoppers kept the feline at bay, but in a catch-22 situation, the attention also deterred the mother duck from returning to get them.

With an empty cardboard box supplied by the Standard office, Fishtoft woman Helen Lawrence took control and carefully scooped the terrified ducklings into the box.

Aided by her 10 year-old daughter Jasmine and their friends Charley Hamilton-Davis, Grace Palmer and Jo Donaldson, Helen took the duckling over the bridge and to the other side of the river to locate their parents.

Luckily, a female mallard heard the ducklings desperate calls and waddled towards them as Helen carefully tipped the ducklings onto the grass embankment, reuniting the brood.

Helen said: "I couldn't just leave them there, they might have never made it back to the mother duck, and there was broken glass on the ground around them."

Crowds watching over the edge of the bridge were given a nail-biting finale to the drama as a misplaced webbed foot saw one of the ducklings fall off the edge of the embankment and plunge ten foot to the mud below.

With gasps from the public, the mother and father duck swooped down to the river, followed gingerly but the rest of the tiny brood which tumbled to the mud, before picking themselves up and entering the water.

Cheers could be heard as the brood swam away safely together - watched from the embankment by the disgruntled cat.