Authorities issue flood warning for Lincolnshire

THE AUTHORITIES have issued a flood warning for Lincolnshire, with heavy showers expected for the rest of the week.

The alert relates to an area north of Boston and the authorities say they are monitoring the situation and are fully prepared to respond.

David Powell, head of Lincolnshire’s Joint Emergency Management Service, says: “At the moment, the forecast is uncertain. The difficulty with heavy downpours of rain is that it’s impossible to predict where localised flooding may occur.

“However, we can all take reasonable steps to prepare. Our message to people is to closely monitor the weather forecasts and follow the advice provided by the Environment Agency and local councils.

“I would also like to remind people of the dangers of entering flood water and urge people not to drive or walk through it.

“It’s impossible to know how deep it is, whether there are any hidden obstacles or debris, and whether manhole covers are missing.

“In addition, driving through it can force the water further into people’s home.”

Police, fire and rescue, highways and local authority teams are working closely under the co-ordination of the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum to prepare and respond to flooding in the county.

They are working closely with the Environment Agency, Anglian Water and drainage boards to manage the water levels, keeping them low to try to ensure that they can cope with extra rain.

Mr Powell said: “Heavy rain is forecast over overnight large parts of Lincolnshire which could lead to surface water flooding in some areas. Driving conditions in the morning may be difficult.

“We are working with our partners, including the Environment Agency, to monitor both the weather and local rivers so that we can respond quickly to any incidents.

“We are also urging the public – particularly in communities which could be vulnerable to surface water flooding – to be prepared. More information on what to do before, during and after a flood can be found on the Environment Agency website at”

Mike Dugher, Flood and Coastal Risk Management Manager at the Environment Agency, said: “Given the forecast, we are issuing flood alerts across the county.

“We have teams checking rivers and other watercourses across Lincolnshire for blockages which may increase the risk of flooding.

“We are also checking infrastructure such as pumping stations to make sure we can respond quickly when required.

“However, flooding can still happen so we urge people to find out if they are at risk of flooding and take steps to make sure they keep themselves and their families safe.

“They should keep an eye on the local forecast, check on vulnerable neighbours and not take risks such as walking or driving through flood water.

“People can also take simple actions, such as moving treasured items such as photos to a safe place”

To contact the Environment Agency’s Floodline Warnings Direct call 0845 988 1188, visit or follow @LincsOpsEA on Twitter.

To report a flood in Boston call the borough council ring 01205 360300.