Anglian Water launches new campaign to save water prior to hosepipe ban

AHEAD of introducing a hosepipe ban on Thursday, Anglian Water is launching its initiative to get everyone to use 20 litres less water every day.

Drop 20 is the company’s newest campaign which asks customers to reduce their daily personal water use from the current regional average of 145 litres to 125 litres.

It also aims to reduce the amount of water the company has to supply by up to 10 per cent, potentially saving 120 million litres a day.

Anglian Water will be giving customers tips on how to save water and offer household water saving kits on its website.

The company has also partnered with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) to launch The Potting Shed, where customers can get free water saving packs for the garden.

Director of water services at Anglian Water Paul Valleley said: “It’s surprising how simple it can be to drop 20 from your daily water use.

“Most people don’t even realise how much water they use every day, especially in the home and garden.

“People don’t deliberately ‘waste’ water, but every drop that isn’t put to good use or saved for later puts more pressure on the available supplies in the environment. We just want to help people do their bit to tackle a problem that is testing all of us.”

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