‘Benefits Britain’ Channel 5 show set to feature Boston


Boston could be set to feature in a television series about the lives of people claiming benefits.

A spokesman for Channel 5 confirmed Benefits Britain: Life on The Dole had been filming in a ‘number of locations’ after a series of posters in different languages including English and Lithuanian, appeared around the town.

The posters asked: “Do you find it difficult to receive benefits? Do you think there is enough assistance to immigrants in the UK? Do you need more money to survive? And are you satisfied with living on benefits?”

The spokesman said: “The series features the often remarkable stories of people who depend on benefits.

“Each episode is ‘a slice of life’, an honest and accurate portrayal revealing the heart and the humour of people struggling to make ends meet on benefits.”

They refused to comment on whether or not Boston would be in the current series, which started last week, or an upcoming one in 2015.

Similar shows have been criticised as being ‘poverty porn’, exploiting those in need and misrepresenting the areas in which they film.

It is understood researchers were turned away from one of Boston’s soup kitchens after the people running it felt uneasy about the questions being asked.

Independent election candidate Lynn Luxton said it was important that the show was balanced. She said: “I think the public has a right to know some of the answers to these questions.”

However, she added: “I think it is unfair to demonise a sector of society because that can stir up hatred and unrest. People shouldn’t be misrepresented, there should be discussion and a fair translation.”