VIDEO: You should know where to park in Boston Market Place - you’ve read the Highway Code, says councillor

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Motorists should know where to park in the newly-refurbished Boston Market Place because they have ‘passed their driving test and read their Highway Code’ - that’s the message from a top councillor.

Portfolio holder for town centre development and management, toilets, car parks and markets Derek Richmond made the comments during an interview at the official opening of the £2 million refurbished market today.

He said: “I would assume imagine that everybody driving through here, has passed their driving test and if they’ve read their Highway Code they know what the parking rules are anyway.

“So it’s a bit naive to say that they don’t know where they can park and where they can’t park.”

The official unveiling of the bronze plaque which marked the completion of the Market Place included people from agencies involved in the refurbishment.

See the video to hear the views of coun Richmond and head of planning Steve Lumb.




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