Community radio full of Endeavour and looking for volunteers

The endeavour radio team
The endeavour radio team

COMMUNITY radio station Endeavour celebrated its third anniversary of continuous broadcasting at the end of March and has big plans for a bright future.

After starting out in the summer of 2006, the station has proved to be more than a one-hit wonder, now airing to roughly 600 listeners a month.

It can accomodate 100 people at a time, with more during live events such as big Boston United games.

Currently based in offices near the Stump it runs 24 hours a day, saven days a week on the internet with special, limited, broadcasts on the FM airwaves.

The current studio used for live broadcasts is soundproofed and includes all the equipment you would expect in a radio station - all, co-director Dylan Taylor says have either donated or paid for by the volunteers, sponsors and advertisers.

He estimated that a little more than £15,000 had been spent on the station over the last three years.

He said: “We have achieved what you can hear on a normal station on as little cost as possible.

“From here we can access Skype, telephones, emails and more.”

The equipment also means the station can now cover more bases for the local community.

“We can use all this to cover Boston United’s home games and the occasional away games by calling the station on Skype and hooking it through the system,” added Dylan.

The managers, who all have full-time jobs, pay towards the rent of the building.

Endeavour was originally founded as Stump Radio in the summer of 2006, originally on FM, and was then brought back in 2008.It then began broadcasting online in 2009.

During that time they have broadcast from Blackfriars Theatre, the Haven, the Boston Enterprise Centre and now it’s current base.

Other future plans include taking a quiz show on the road and improving a second studio.

For details visit where you can also download an app.


ENDEAVOUR is always looking for volunteers and support , in particularly at the moment to help cover sports and fill in time slots.

However, volunteers can help in a range of ways not just as presenters but also on the technical aspects.

Dylan said full training and support is provided to volunteers of all ages, and skill level.

“Some pick it up and just play and others take a while. If they’re enthusiastic and willing we can help them.”

The station’s owners share in the running of the station and then try to get financial support on top.

They have some sponsorship and when they run on FM, which it is hoped they will do during the summer, they do advertise.

The station also aims to one day become a full-time FM station.

Dylan said: “We would love to go full-time. Especially with the musical history of Boston - this was one of the first places that was into Dub Step.”

To support the station or become a volunteer email