Firm plays role in serving 15 million Christmas dinners

Produce World
Produce World

An estimated 15 million people will be tucking into vegetables from Produce World as part of their Christmas Day dinner today.

The firm, which has a base in Butterwick, supplies the UK with 1.5 million kg of Brussels sprouts along with 1,500 tonnes of carrots and more than three million cabbages.

Produce World

Produce World

Within the week up to Christmas the company produces and sells one sixth of its total parsnip yield.

Sales of potatoes also increase throughout November and December as people add the vital vegetable ingredients to their traditional festive dinner plates.

Andrew Burgess, agricultural director at Produce World, said: “Christmas is definitely our busiest period, with the harvest of some vegetables, such as potatoes increasing by 50 per cent.

“However, Christmas Day is the only day of the year when work stops, by which time a day off is certainly needed.”

The firm is also trialling many new varieties of different vegetables which may well appear on our plates in future years – with a particular emphasis this year on new varities of Brussels sprouts.

Produce World is also teaming up with the charity Crisis at Christmas to help feed homeless people over the festive period.

It will be donating 355kg of broccoli, 243kg of pointed cabbage, more than 1.5 tonnes of red cabbage, a tonne of carrots, 304kg of cauliflower, 1.2 tonnes of onions, 583kg of parsnips, almost six tonnes of potatoes and 73kg of sprouts.

The vegetables will help feed homeless people for eight days over Christmas.

In September Produce World Group featured in primetime TV programme Harvest in a bid to raise consumer awareness of how the nation’s food gets from field to fork.

Butterwick’s Marshall Bros joined the Produce World group in 2008.

Its Mill Lane site is one of six in the region.