In this week’s Boston Standard.

This week in your Boston Standard
This week in your Boston Standard

Here’s a rundown of what’s in store in this week’s Boston Standard, on sale now...

* A stay-at-home dad is hoping the council will introduce residents parking permits.

* Boston’s canine army was called upon to help fight crime this weekend

* Immigration issues under the spotlight

* Councillors are to discuss changes to the Into Town bus routes

* Plans have been revealed to connect an offshore windfarm to the national grid in the borough

* Boston’s paralumpic help is recognised

* Drivers call for action on potholes

* A horse rescue attempt ends sadly

* The council makes £1m savings in cuts project

* A Boston charity tries living on £1-a-day

* And the new Mayor of Boston is announced

*IN SPORT: Honours even in derby duel as Pilgrims draw 2-2 to Gainsborough Town

*PLUS: Grab a tasty buy one get one free pizza with Domino’s on Skirbeck Road.