Members vote on BID’s future

Boston Borough Council area from The Stump.
Boston Borough Council area from The Stump.

Some say they wouldn’t be without the services BID offers – others claim it is not worth the thousands in levy charges it takes.

From September 24 to October 31, members can vote on whether they want to keep BID – or bid them farewell.

“The vast majority of businesses would like to see the Town Rangers remain in Boston and think they provide a good service,” said BID manager Niall Armstrong.

“If people don’t vote to keep BID it is unlikely that the rangers will stay as the council don’t have money in the coffers for them.”

Mr Armstrong said plans for the next five years include focussing on promotion of the town and ‘continuing the good work of the rangers’.

BID’s business plan for 2013-2018 highlights their work over the last five years - including cosmetic improvements to the town and their role in events such as the Christmas market.

He added: “We will focus more on promoting the town and we will apply for grants from English Heritage. If successful, this could generate a further £400,000.”

However, some have reservations about BID’s work.

Former board member Darron Abbott, who has publicly criticised BID in the past, said: “I would ask people to really look at what BID has done for the town that’s worth the £700,000 they took from businesses in the last five years,” he said.

“Apart from the Town Rangers, BID are not doing a good service to the town.”

Member Mavis Ashton, of H. Ashton Carpets, said: “I think we can do away with them, Boston can run itself as it has done for years. I will be voting ‘no’.”