MP reckons foreign office role could be used to boost Boston’s economy

Richard Larrington with Mark Simmonds.
Richard Larrington with Mark Simmonds.

Boston’s MP has vowed to use his new position in the foreign office to help support innovative businesses in the Boston area.

Mark Simmonds said he will do what he can to ‘open doors’ for local engineering firms to promote their products to companies in other countries.

He even suggested putting together a group of people from the area – particularly from the farming equipment industry – with a view to getting them to discuss their work with farming authorities in other parts of the world.

The MP told The Standard: “The opportunities are significant if engineers can lead the charge for ambitious local busineses I am very happy to play a supportive tole in helping them.

“I can open doors where there are markets for these types of engineering products.”

Mr Simmonds was speaking during a visit to Larrington Trailers on Great Fen Road in Boston.

The company, which has engineered farming equipment all over the world, has ben operating for over 40 years, and has developed innovative machinery which is used all over Europe.

Owner Richard Larrington said he was keen to promote UK engineering around the world, adding: “When England was great, it came from engineering. We want to get that back.”