Multi-million pound farmland up for sale

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EXPERTS believe the sale of two prime pieces of farmland for an expected combined total of £6 million will show the ‘insatiable demand’ for commercial farms in this area.

Brown & Co says the sales of Skidmore House Farm in Friskney and Dairy House Farm in Midville represent the most significant sales in Lincolnshire this year.

The Friskney farm has 435 acres of grade one and two land, a house subject to protected tenancy and 2,000t grain storage and has a guide price of £3,515,000.

Dairy House Farm is comprised of 338 acress of grade two land and a general purpose store and is on the market for £2.5 million.

Charlie Bryant of Brown & Co, who is handling the sale on behalf of the Staffordshire-based Leavesley Group, is confident the sites will be snapped up due to the ‘insatiable demand’ for commercial farms such as these.

Mr Bryant said: “It will be interesting to see what transpires as both farms are situated in parishes where recent activity has displayed significant demand amongst the local farming communities as well as outside investors

“I am sure there will be much interest for the farms individually, although they are currently farmed as one unit and they are not many miles apart so they could be sold together to one buyer who is looking to purchase a significant acreage of commercial farmland.”

The money made from the sale will be used to fund alternative investments for the Leavesley Group.