Caring teen loses her locks for charity cause

Becky Walker, who lost her hair for charity.
Becky Walker, who lost her hair for charity.

A caring teenager has sacrificed her hair in aid of those who lose their own to cancer.

Becky Walker, 16, of Horncastle Road, had her hair – something she was very precious about and often spent hours preparing on mornings –cut off in front of crowds of people at Boston’s Asda store.

She said: “I was nervous about five minutes before, but apart from that I wasn’t. When I looked in the mirror it was a shock.”

She added that although she was fine with it, her grandma ‘was in tears’ as her hair was cut.

Her endeavour has so far raised more than £600 for charity with money still coming in, and her hair has been sent to the Little Princess Trust.

She was aided by Fonz’s Barber Shop, in Boston, who also left a surprise in her hair while they were cutting it – a heart shape.

Becky said the reaction to her act has mainly been positive, although people have been stopping to look at her as she passes on the street.

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