Cemetery benefactor says it’s ‘in a state’

A BOSTON family who donated six memorial trees to the town’s Victorian Cemetery has threatened to remove the plaques and lead a boycott against Boston Borough Council’s bereavement services, as they believe their donation has been mismanaged by the authority.

Jonathon Brackenbury and his family planted six trees in the Horncastle Road cemetery a number of years ago, in memory of a number of relatives.

But he claims they have now been left to rack and ruin as the cemetery has fallen into a wildlife reserve, rather than a controlled cemetery. Some have been replaced by the council, but he says this is not good enough.

Mr Brackenbury said: “Nobody is very happy about it. If they are going to treat the area this way then nobody else will be buried there. It’s the principle.”

A spokesman for Boston Borough Council said: “All of the young trees on the site are monitored and have been watered weekly throughout this winter because it has been very dry. Despite this we do lose one or two specimens each year and they are duly replaced.”