Chairman Jon spells out a stark warning to United fans

'WE MOVE or we fold' – Boston United chairman Jon Sotnick continued to push his relocation dream to the Pilgrims fans on Tuesday night by again chanting the mantra that the club must up sticks to the Boardsides or face crippling financial debts.

With Boston Borough Council pencilling in June 27 to finally overlook Mr Sotnick's four-pronged planning application he held his second fans' forum of the month, this time with the emphasis firmly on moving home.

By now every man and his dog knows Boston United plan to relocate from their spiritual home of York Street to land on the outskirts of town.

But the complications arise from a second application to switch Boston Town's home to Cuckoo's Land in Wyberton.

Both these current homes of football will become housing developments (two further requests put to the borough council), the sales of which are expected to be fund both stadiums and cover the approximate 1 million Boston United owe the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise.

But all of Mr Sotnick's eggs sit in one basket and, if planning permission is refused on just one of the four applications, it could be time to pay the piper – and the government.

"If the applications are refused our destiny is no longer in our hands: we would be at the mercy of the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise," the chairman told the 60-or-so fans who turned up at the York Street Sports Bar.

The club's director of football, Jim Rodwell, accountant Justin Rushworth and Dale Allitt, chairman of the Boston United Supporters' Association, completed the panel.

Mr Rushworth sat silent all night apart from taking the crackling microphone to tell fans he was pleased with the club's business plan – which he helped create.

In fact, the mic, which chose to cut out sporadically throughout, was the biggest problem the panel faced.

The dissenting Pilgrims fans and members of the Cuckoo's Land Community Project – who want to see the site used alternatively – stayed away.

This allowed Mr Sotnick to again try to sell his dream to those who listened.

"I hope people don't think I'm here to make a quick buck," he said, adding that all future profits made from the on-site leisure facilities at the proposed new ground would go back into the club.

This brought up the question of playing budgets, leading to one of Mr Rodwell's intriguing, and sometimes strange, analogies.

"We're not banking on an increase of fans through the turnstiles if we move stadiums," he said. "But statistics show that clubs who move do have an increase.

"The way to get more fans through the turnstiles is to get better results.

"It's a chicken and egg scenario – do we put more money into the team and expect the fans to come or do we wait for more people to turn up before we invest extra money?

"We just hope we get the ok to move and curiosity gets the better of people so we can put extra money into the team."


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