Cinema date began 60 years of wedded bliss

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WHEN Gordon Borwell asked his wife June to the cinema, she did not know whether it would be a date or a friendly outing.

Sixty-one years on, as they mark their diamond wedding anniversary, it is safe to say that he certainly had romantic intentions.

The couple, of Leagate Road, Anton’s Gowt, celebrated the special occasion on Thursday with a big party for family and friends in their garden.

Talking to The Standard ahead of the big day, the pair said they met at a Saturday night dance at The Gliderdrome, where they danced together and Gordon asked her to see a film.

June, 78, said: “He rolled up Frampton Place on a motorbike and I had to get on this bike; my family didn’t even have a car.”

After courting for 18 months the couple married at The Stump, and honeymooned in London. They went on to have two children – Yvonne and Nicholas – eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

They both said their close, loving family had been important to them throughout their long marriage, and that ‘give and take’ had been their secret.

Gordon, 82, added that a relative had recently compiled a family tree and said he was the first Borwell to have been married for 60 years in two centuries.

He said: “You don’t think about the time. You just take life as it comes.”