Colourful journey for Amber Hill WI

MRS Elizabeth Gadd, president, welcomed members and guests to the September meeting held at The Loft, at Hubberts Bridge.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and details of forthcoming events were given out.

The speaker for the evening, Rosemary Lane, an image consultant, took members on a stylish and colourful journey explaining how we often by clothes and make up that are completely wrong for us and demonstrated on two volunteers.

Supper followed, with the judging of the competition.

A powder compact - 1st: Cindy Smith, 2nd: Margaret Grendot, 3rd: Thelma Fountain.

Flower of the month - 1st: June Orford, 2nd: Maureen le Mesurier, 3rd: Joyce Baker.

Next month’s meeting, on Thursday, October 6 at 7.15pm, will be the harvest auction.