Coming together to support Boston’s In Bloom campaign

Boston in Bloom Thistles
Boston in Bloom Thistles

STUDENTS with learning difficulties are doing their bit to support Boston’s In Bloom cause at a day centre with a difference.

Thistles Nursery in Sutterton offers people with learning difficulties a safe and caring environment that is as close to a real-life commercial operation as possible.

The county council-run nursery has a one-acre plot in Station Road and its students – mainly drawn from Boston’s John Fielding Community Special School and Boston College – are now nurturing plants to decorate tubs, baskets and planters for Boston.

Thistles has been running for the past 11 years and takes up to 13 students, five days a week.

Community support worker Liz Judge said the students gain hands-on experience and life skills while at the same time producing something that is useful and in demand.

Liz said: “And they absolutely love to be here together. When snow and ice lay on the ground and they had the option of staying indoors at a nice, warm centre elsewhere they still opted to come here and work.

“They gain in confidence and ability, enjoy companionship and security and experience learning and team building.”

l The In Bloom cause has also been helped by the town’s Asda supermarket.

The Lister Way store has handed over a £250 cheque to pay for flower tower planters for the Market Place.

Planters, tubs and hanging baskets will be popping up all around the town over the next few weeks as part of the in-bloom cause. The seating and cycle park area in Dolphin Lane has had a clean-up and is to house planters to create a living wall of foliage while Wormgate is braced to be full of flowers with every business proudly displaying a hanging basket.