Council to set out rules for Quadrant development plan

Boston District Council offices, West Street, Boston. EMN-140503-125058001
Boston District Council offices, West Street, Boston. EMN-140503-125058001

A debate on how to tackle the biggest plan Boston has seen in a generation is to be held tomorrow (Tuesday).

Members of the borough council’s planning committee will be looking at how best to set up a special meeting to examine the Quadrant plans, which is due to take place on August 5 at Haven High Academy, and recommend it to full council.

The plans include up to 500 new homes, a new football stadium for Boston United, shops, restaurants, a pub, hotel and a supermarket and the first link in a distributor road.

A spokesman for the council said it ‘is anticipated, in view of interest already shown in the application, many more people than normal will want to attend and speak’.

Tomorrow, the committee will consider items such as: starting at 4pm, rather than 6pm; increasing the numbers of speakers from the public to ten each from the for and against camps; a system where those who want to present their views personally will have to submit an application form; amending the constitution to allow 10 speakers for each side to argue for three minutes each; allowing the applicant and Wyberton Parish Council to speak for 15 minutes; and giving the committee chairman the authority to allow further speakers.

Planning committee chairman Coun Mary Wright, said: “I have looked in depth at how the planning committee meeting can be both manageable on the day and allow all who want to, to have a chance to have their say. It is my belief that ten speakers from both sides will be able to cover all pertinent points and make all views known for the committee’s consideration.

“In addition, written submissions made by anyone will also be considered, so no one is disenfranchised. I intend that the committee will give this matter all the time it requires, so we could be in for a very long meeting. This is the fairest and most sensible way forwards.”

Following the August 5 meeting, if the committee wants to say yes the application will go first to the Secretary of State who can decide not to get involved or call the application in and make the decision himself.

If the council refuses permission the applicant, Chestnut Homes, has a right of appeal.