Boston Police Station is collecting point for ‘gun amnesty’

Police news.
Police news.

Police in Lincolnshire are holding a firearms amnesty from today - with people able to hand guns in at Boston Police Station without facing any action.

The town’s station is one of four in the county - alongside Lincoln, Grantham and Skegness – to act as collecting point during the amnesty, which runs until November 14.

A force spokesman said: “Despite the fact that a number of firearms and imitation firearms are handed into Lincolnshire Police each week, there are still unlawfully held firearms in Lincolnshire; be it trophy or antique weapons such as from wars, or firearms which people have acquired from a relative etc.

To avoid these weapons getting into the wrong hands, and to provide members of the community with a safe place to dispose of any firearms they are unlawfully, or lawfully, in possession of, Lincolnshire Police is holding a firearms amnesty between November 3 and 14 2014.

“During that period, those people surrendering firearms will not face prosecution for illegal possession, and they also have the choice to remain anonymous.”

The force says gun crime is low in Lincolnshire and that this is simply one of a number of measures being used to take numbers down even more.

It has not held such an amnesty for almost ten years.

A spokesman added: “Members of the community can be assured that the amnesty is not being held due to a rise in gun crime, and they also should not be concerned that the amnesty will be an excuse for people to walk around freely with firearms.

“Anyone wishing to hand in a firearm is urged to contact one of the police stations below and inform them that they will be bringing one in.

“Advice will be given as to the safest way to transport the firearm to the police station.

“All weapons should be handled with the utmost care, and treated as if they are loaded.”