Call to change the immigration laws

VALENTINA Planciunene’s grieving partner has called for tougher border controls to control criminals coming into the country.

THE GRIEVING partner of a moped rider who was killed on the roads by a man convicted a murder has called for tougher border controls to stop criminals from coming into the country.

Darien Long, 44, has said it was ‘unbelievable’ that police did not know that Intars Pless was living in Boston before causing Valentina Planciunene’s death in February this year.

Pless was revealed to have committed murder in his native Latvia after being found guilty of the offence last month.

Pless was over the drink-drive limit and forced the Belarus-born factory worker into the path of an oncoming people carrier on February 15 on the Boardsides.

Mr Long, who lived with Miss Planciunene in Kirton Drove, said: “This case demonstrates why our border controls need to be tightened up which I totally support.

“It is incredibly frustrating for me and Valentina’s family that we did not know this man was living around us, and it is unbelievable that Lincolnshire Police were not told he was here.

“I work in the horticultural industry, we have Eastern Europeans alongside us and 99 per cent of them are fine, but it can not be right that a man like this can come over from Latvia simply to hide his criminal past and start afresh.”