Convicted murderer ran off from North Sea Camp on the day he was due for transfer

Court news.
Court news.

A convicted killer fled from North Sea Camp on the day he was due to be transferred to another jail, Lincoln Crown Court was told on Friday.

Kevin Edwards was seen by officers to behave oddly while working on the prison farm at North Sea Camp.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said: “Officers saw him walk across the sports field heading out of the prison. It was obvious he was trying to escape.

“They shouted at him to stop but he continued to walk across the field to the river bank.

“The officers began to give chaser. He ran east along the river bank He was detained two miles away by other prison officers.”

Edwards then made his way across a sports field and set off out of the jail.

Prison staff pursued him as he headed east along the river bank and he was eventually detained two miles from the prison.

“Following his arrest he said he knew he was being transferred that day and he panicked.”

Edwards, 38, who is still a serving prisoner, admitted escaping from custody on 22 August.

He was given a six month jail sentence to run concurrently with the life sentence he is serving.

Edwards, who was jailed at Lincoln Crown Court in September 1995 for an offence of murder, had been due for parole in April next year but his escape means that date will now be put back.

Andrew Cogan, defending, said Edwards had a problem with a debt.

Mr Cogan said: “He is the author of his own misfortune. This is going to set back his parole date by a considerable period of time.”