COUNCIL INQUIRY: Language barrier blamed for ‘false perception’

THE language barrier creates a misconception over town’s migrant population, according to Chief Insp Timmins.

The top officer reacted to questions from campaigner Dean Everitt about crime rates among the migrant population – and stressed it is no higher than for Boston’s Brits.

He said: “There’s a perception, and I’m not going to shy away from it, that if you’re walking through town, the mere fact you’re hearing a foreign language spoken or shouted immediately alerts you to it, because it’s something different.

“I think generally there’s a perception that foreign people commit offences because there’s a language issue. Certainly in terms of the people we deal with there’s no indication there are more migrants than anyone else.”

Mr Everitt asked about litter problems with foreign beer cans but Chief Insp Timmins argued that these are not just dumped by migrant drinkers.

He said: “It’s completely wrong. There are some foreign nationals who do do that but there are an awful lot of English and Boston people who do that too.

“We all need to look at this together rather than blaming one particular group of people.”