Driver made ‘insane’ choice to try drugs

Court news.
Court news.

A man who insists he ‘doesn’t do drugs’ was found with equipment to take them in his car – as well as cannabis and methadone in his system.

Aleksejs Pertnikovs, 30, of Woodthorpe Avenue, Boston, appeared before Boston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, and through a Russian interpreter, pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle while unfit through drugs.

Prosecutor Jim Clare said that on Monday, March 23, CCTV operators reported seeing a vehicle moving ‘eratically’ on John Adams Way.

He said: “It ran red lights, was clearly speeding and was described as ‘veering over the carriage way’.”

He said officers pulled Pertnikovs over on Main Ridge East. He was breathalysed but passed, however, officers saw drugs paraphanalia in the car and decided to take him to Boston Police Station where a doctor took a blood sample. They then bailed him and also gave him a caution for the drug paraphernalia.

The sample later came back and revealed cannabis and methadone in his system.

Defending, Mike Alexander said: “Pertnikovs does not use drugs.”

He said that Pertnikovs had been out clubbing on the Friday night where he had been offered drugs.

“He had been drinking that night and he took the insane decision to say ‘alright, I’ll try them’.”

He said by Sunday morning, he was still affected by the drugs and had the remains of them in his car. He added that since being stopped by police Pertnikovs, a business owner who had been in the country for 10 years, had not ‘tried to hide anything’ and had fully accepted what he had done.

He said the defendant and his partner have a two-and-a-half year old son he drives to school. He works 13 hours a day seven days a week at the shop which he runs with a business partner, which also employs one other member of staff.

Mr Alexander said his job and childcare required his car but other arrangements would have to be made.

He added: “Pertnikovs can only say through me that he’s very sorry what he did.”

Magistrates disqualified Pernikovs from driving for 20 months and ordered him to pay a £130 fine, £20 victim surcharge and £85 costs.