LETTER: Let’s get on with handing out fines to spitters

Boston Labour councillors are delighted to read that the east London council of Waltham Forest are the first to classify spit as waste, and if you’re caught spitting, you face an £80 fine.

The council has made it a priority to create a cleaner borough, dedicating a significant resource to coming down hard on people who commit crimes against the environment such as dropping litter and failing to clear up after their dogs. Lots of councils say they take this sort of thing seriously, but what makes Waltham Forest different is its recent decision to take things one step further. Since February if you spit on the streets of Waltham Forest you could find yourself having to find £80 to cover the fine handed out to you by the council’s enforcement officers.

Boston Labour councillors feel that the question is – do we have the will power and determination to follow the lead of Waltham Forest and also classify spit as waste?

We strongly believe that this would enable Boston Borough Council to deal with the issue in the same way as other littering offences – by handing out £80 fines to anyone their enforcement officers caught spitting in public.

We know that many people would support this spitting ban in Boston, so come on – let’s have the same powers here.

We don’t need talking – we need action and at the same time we need to bring in powers under the Sustainable Communities Act to penalise people who urinate in our streets.

Boston Labour councillors