LETTER: Police inspector is right, Market Place is confusing

In response to the comments made by Insp Rimmer on page five of last week’s Standard I couldn’t agree more.

After parking for the first time in the newly-refurbished market square in Boston this evening I came back to my car to find an officer issuing me with a ticket. I was so surprised as I had displayed the correct ticket and when I asked what I had done wrong, I was rudely told I should be aware of where I could or couldn’t park.

I was still confused as I was parked in a line with other vehicles which I genuinely thought to be an authorised place.

This will be one of the last times I park in the town centre, especially as on this occasion I had only parked for 10 minutes to drop off books at the British Heart Foundation charity shop for my boss.

No wonder Boston is a town struggling to survive. With a parking system so confusing shoppers will stay away and instead visit towns that have a much fairer and less confusing parking policy.

Diane Roberts

Kirton Holme