Man found with home made bomb planned to ‘blow himself up’

A DOWN and out was found walking around Boston with a home made bomb, Lincoln Crown Court was told yesterday (Tuesday).

Michael Peaks was stopped by police because they thought he looked ill as he walked along West Street in the town at 4am.

Mark Knowles, prosecuting, said Peak was searched and produced the crude explosive device.

It was made from the gunpowder and the contents of shotgun cartridges packed inside a small container with an incense stick providing the fuse.

“He indicated that the incense stick would eventually become sufficiently hot enough to ignite the device.

“It would produce a small blast. The device had the potential to cause injury to anyone who was in close proximity.

“He said he had made the device out of gunpowder and lead shot which he put into an empty tic tac box.

“He said he intended to go to some outbuildings and blow himself up.

“He said he learned to make the device in prison while he was serving a seven-year sentence for robbery.”

Peaks, 39, of no fixed address, admitted making an explosive device

He also admitted illegal possession of shotgun cartridges, possession of a knife and possession of amphetamine on February 10 this year.

He was jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Judge Sean Morris told him: “It is quite clear that at the time of these offences you were at a low ebb in life.

“You seem to have slipped through the safety net of society to become a non-person.

“But the message must go out that people who make this kind of things must go to prison.”

Robert Underwood, defending, described Peaks as a man who lived on the periphery of society who was ‘intellectually limited’.

Peaks, he said, had been drinking and taking drugs since childhood.

Mr Underwood said that Peaks was released from his last prison sentence in November but was unable to get benefits because he has no identity documents and was refused accommodation at a hostel because he has a previous conviction for arson.

“He became depressed. He was living on literally next to nothing.

“There is no indication that he wished to do anything else but harm himself.”