Naked man in row with police officers

Court news.
Court news.

A naked man was involved in an angry row with a police officer after a friend called emergency services concerned over his safety.

David Broughton, 59, of Burrows Close, Boston, appeared before Boston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday pleading guilty to resisting a police officer.

Prosecutor Jim Clare said officers received a call from a concerned friend, who attended Alcoholics Anonymous with Broughton, after they became concerned he might harm himself.

They found they could not access the property but found the lights on downstairs and a dog barking ‘aggressively’.

Broughton appeared, naked, at the top of the stairs, and when PC Andrew Smith shouted to him, he began to move forward but then fell down the stairs.

Officers entered the house through a side door. They described Broughton as ‘staggering around’ and he reportedly couldn’t open the door himself as he was ‘too intoxicated’.

Broughton became aggressive and swore at the officers asking them to leave his house – he then went upstairs to bed.

The concerned officers followed him up and attempted to get him out of bed but Broughton became more aggressive, resulting in PC Smith taking a ‘glancing blow’ to the face - he was arrested and taken to Boston Police Station.

Defending, Neil Sands said Broughton did not know why he had been drinking that night.

He added he had recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and the medication could be quite strong.

Magistrates gave Broughton a conditional discharge for six months, and ordered him to pay £15 victim surcharge and a £45 contribution towards costs.