New police scheme to teach crime safety to pupils

BOSTON school children are set to learn about crime prevention and community safety thanks to a new police initiative.

The Junior Police Cadet School Officer (JPCSO) scheme, already successful in other parts of the county, will be launched in Park Primary School, on Tuesday, September 4.

The scheme sees officers engage with primary school children with a toolkit to teach basic crime prevention and community safety.

PCSO Ehsan Rastaghi, who will be delivering the JPCSO scheme to Park Primary School said: “It will be great fun for the pupils, and at the same time instil some vital messages which they can take into their teens and adulthood.

“Every school which has participated in the scheme so far has been really positive about the effect it’s had on pupils and the school as a whole.”

He added: “I’m sure that the scheme will be a great success in Park School and that the pupils will benefit greatly from it.”

The target age for JPCSOs is Years five to six and the schools are supportive of children working during lunchtimes and breaks to avoid disrupting their normal day-to-day activities within the school curriculum.

The scheme is designed to complement their curriculum in the subjects of personal safety and community awareness.

Each child wishing to become a JPCSO gives an election speech and presentation explaining the reasons why they would like to be considered for the role. Votes are cast by the other pupils in the year and two senior JPCSOs and two JPCSO deputies are elected.

Once elected, the JPCSO is supplied with a high-visibility waistcoat, pocket book to record data and a lanyard incorporating a task card to record their achievements throughout the year.

Each JPCSO holds office for one year, working through a number of set tasks each term. These include drink driving awareness, anti-bullying and personal safety awareness. The JPCSOs are responsible for fairplay between other pupils in school and promote a healthy environment for all to develop.

A ‘listening box’ is installed within the school building (made and designed by the JPCSO’s) and the problems highlighted are discussed during school assemblies for other pupils to add suggestions to current problems.