Police vow to crackdown on dangerous cyclists

A CRACKDOWN on careless cyclists in Boston has been issued by police after a flood of complaints.

Police have vowed to take action following an increasing number of calls about children and young people cycling on pavements and through the pedestrian area in Strait Bargate.

Some have also been riding stunt bikes that are not suitable for road use.

Pc Andy Heath, who is responsible for Operation Cyclone, said: “Bikes with inadequate brakes and no lights are a hazard to both the rider and pedestrians and sooner or later someone will be seriously hurt.

“We are currently carrying out checks on cycles in the town to ensure they are not in a dangerous condition and are road legal.”

Any cyclist found riding a bike in a dangerous condition or without lights after dark runs the risk of having it seized.

“Cyclists may also face prosecution and a potential fine.

“We would far rather see money spent on ensuring cycles are fit for road conditions rather than being paid in fines,” Pc Heath said.

“If you are the parent of a young person that uses a bicycle, please make sure they are equipped with lights and fully functioning brakes.

“Helmets and high-visibility clothing are hugely-important, yet inexpensive way of helping to keep children safe on the road.”

l For more information about cycle safety, training and security marking contact Pc Heath on 101.