‘Roving’ CCTV camera option

TWO roving cameras could soon be scouring Boston in a bid to gather evidence of anti-social behaviour following ongoing issues in Punchbowl Lane.

It was suggested as a result of a discussion at a Boston Town Area Committee meeting regarding the potential for a gating order to be made in respect of the access between Punchbowl Lane and Ingelow Avenue. It followed complaints of anti-social behaviour down the lane at a previous council meeting held in September.

At the meeting, on Wednesday, councillors found out that Lincolnshire County Council does not have a policy regarding gating orders and that their own anti-social behaviour team did not have enough evidence to give to the county council.

Andy Fisher, head of housing, property and communities also said in his report said that it was questionable whether the gating order was a feasible option.

However, councillors decided they would continue to push the county council to create a gating order policy and at the same time they would look into the cost of acquiring two ‘roving’ security cameras which could be used to gather evidence at anti-social behaviour hotspots. It was suggested if it worked, it might persuade private residences to buy cameras.

The councillors were told that the legal implications would have to be looked at in regards to where the CCTV could be placed.

Councillors voted through the recommendation to approach the county council in reference to establishing a gating policy and look at the implications and the costs of a mobile CCTV system. Other options explored included fencing the lane. It was decided to hold off on this until previous options had been explored.