RSPCA investigating young cat drowned in ‘truly disgusting act of cruelty’

The small lake where the cat was found drowned.

The small lake where the cat was found drowned.

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The RSPCA is trying to trace the person responsible for drowning a cat - in what is 
being called a ‘truly disgusting act of cruelty’.

The male cat was found on Wednesday morning by members of the public in the small model boating lake behind St Nicholas’ Church, Skirbeck Road, Boston.

The young cat was tied to this brick using women's tights.

The young cat was tied to this brick using women's tights.

It had been tied to a large brick by women’s tights.

The incident is believed to have taken place some time between Tuesday night and the early hours of Wednesday morning.

RSPCA inspector Becky Harper said: “Members of the model boating club found the cat floating in the water approximately 1m out on the south side. They recovered it using a garden rake, and as they pulled it in they found it was tied to a brick - so called us immediately.”

The Standard was sent images of the dead cat – but we deemed them too upsetting to print. The RSPCA said he was only a young cat - with black and white ‘Felix-style markings’.

There were no obvious injuries or signs of other physical trauma.

“This is a hideous act for someone to have carried out,” said Miss Harper.

“This poor cat must have suffered terribly, not only physically but also mentally - being tied to a brick, but with the tether being long enough for him to be swimming on the surface, but not close enough for him to reach the safety of land. I can only imagine how panicked he must have felt until he finally succumbed to exhaustion, the coldness, and drowning.”

“I believe he was in reasonable condition before this and was likely to have been owned.

“It is also likely it was a friendly cat for someone to manage to tie it up without injuring it first.”

She added: “We would like to appeal for anyone who has any information that may lead us to finding out who was responsible for this truly disgusting act of cruelty, to come forward.”

l If you have any information about this incident call 0300 1234 999 quoting reference number 435 of March 25.