Thief ‘needed a jacket so stole one’

An opportunistic thief took a jacket from a town centre store when he saw the security tag was loose, a court was told last week.

Serchan Bairamov, of Irby Street, Boston, said he did not know what had come over him when he took the coat from The Officer’s Club, in Pescod Square, but admitted the offence when he stood before the court on Wednesday.

He was fined £160 for the theft and told to pay a £20 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

District Judge John Stobart heard that the 19-year-old went into the store on November 1, took several items into the changing rooms and then walked out of the store with the jacket in a bag.

He was challenged by the manager on the way out, but ran out of the store, only to be stopped in town later on in the day.

Carrie Simson, defending, said Bairamov had been out of work at the time of the incident.

She added: “He needed a jacket and therefore he took the jacket. He bitterly regrets his decision. He often buys clothes from that shop and he is embarrassed about what he has done and very sorry.”

The judge said he accepted it was an impulsive theft and he had not entered the store with the intention of stealing.