Young driver handed ban for causing crash

A RECKLESS young driver has been banned from the roads for over a year, after he caused a collision with another car.

David Gregg, 18, has only been driving since January, but after pleading guilty to dangerous driving on April 14, he now cannot get behind the wheel for 15 months, and will have to take an extended driving test before he can get back on the road.

In a court hearing on Wednesday, magistrates heard that Gregg, of Sandholme Lane, Frampton, was driving along London Road heading towards Kirton, when he pulled out to overtake the car in front, despite the fact there was traffic coming in the opposite direction.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said Gregg then pulled out around another car as he was going around the bend. But as he rounded the bend he came face to face with another car, and rather than have a head-on collision, he went back behind the car and hit its rear side as he did.

The car he hit has been written off by the insurer as a result of the smash, and the driver remains on painkillers for his injures, the prosecution added.

Gregg pleaded guilty to driving dangerously when he appeared before magistrates.

In mitigation, solicitor Andrew Goldsborough pleaded Gregg’s inexperience on the roads.

He said: “He would accept he’s not the most experienced driver and on that day he made some silly errors and misjudgements.”

Magistrates agreed that he had been driving recklessly, and gave him a 12-month community order for the offence. He has also been ordered to complete 100 hours of unpaid work and pay £85 costs.