Village school celebrates 20th year

Bicker Preparatory School marks 20th year.

Bicker Preparatory School marks 20th year.


A village school welcomed parents, grandparents, former pupils and their families to celebrate two decades of service to the community.

Bicker Preparatory School and Early Years, in School Lane, held a combined 20th anniversary/Mother’s Day service at the village’s St Swithun’s Church recently.

About 200 people attended the event, including 80 youngsters from the school, parents and grandparents, but also a large number of ex-pupils and their families.

Head of Upper School Wendy Bell, who has been at the school for 18 years, said: “We were absolutely thrilled with the number of past pupils and their families who came to join us.”

Pupils from across the school’s year groups sang and played musical instruments to the packed church building.

The church service was followed by further festivities at Bicker Village Hall, for which the school’s Parents’ Association had provided a cake.

Mrs Bell said: “This was a lovely time to reminisce and meet with former pupils.”

The school was built in 1845 and was donated to the vicar and church wardens by the Pilkington family.

It closed in 1969 and stood empty until 1975 when it became a farm store.

In 1993, William and Sheila Page, from the village, bought the school.

Mrs Page had previously been a headteacher for many years and was an advisor to Lincolnshire County Council on early years education.

Following refurbishment, the school was officially re-opened on April 25, 1994.

Mrs Page, who went on to be headteacher at the school, said: “Since 1994, the school has grown and flourished and plays an active role in the village community.”

A collection for the church raised more than £137.




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