Ex-head teacher’s bid to boost sport in primary schools and keep Olympic dream alive

Holly Barrett
Holly Barrett

A former primary school head teacher is on a mission to encourage pupils to enjoy a sporty lifestyle.

Holly Barrett, 32, left her post at Fishtoft Academy last year after helping all of its year six pupils achieve a level four in reading, writing and maths, the best score in the Boston area.

She now has her sights on going in to primary schools and helping teachers deliver PE lessons to pupils.

The former sports coach, from the Donington area, told The Standard that many schools do struggle with assessment in PE lessons, and having the sporting knowledge to be able to inspire their pupils.

Some schools bring in sports coaches, but she feels coming at it from a teacher’s perspective will help.

She said: “The role I want to take on is going into schools and giving the teachers the confidence to deliver it well.”

She added: “There’s always priorities in schools - English and maths are always going to be number one. All the other subjects need to be as important.”

The Buckinghamshire-born teacher said sport is vital to help tackle the serious problems that this area suffers from with childhood – as well as adult – obesity. She says its important to make PE lessons fun and teach children sports and games they can go and replicate outside of school with friends and family.

Miss Barrett, who traces her own love of sport back to her school days, explained: “I’ve carried on from being inspired by the Olympics too.”

She hopes to begin working in our schools from September.