A ‘despicable act’ in town alleyway

The alleyway leading to Robin Hood car park.
The alleyway leading to Robin Hood car park.

The ‘disgusting’ sight of human excrement in a Boston alley is giving a bad impression of the town to visitors according to a councillor.

The walkway between Heron frozen food store and Chattertons Solicitors is regularly being used as a toilet, says Coun Bob McAuley.

Highlighting his concerns to The Standard, Coun McAuley said: “It’s absolutely disgusting – a truly despicable act.

“The alleyway stinks of urine and people have left human faeces there.

“This is utterly disgraceful and totally unacceptable.

“We need the police or Pcsos to patrol this area to deter or apprehend the low-lives that commit such a disgusting act.

“Families children and visitors to the town walk down that passage way, what sort of impression does that give of Boston?

“There have been faeces left in one corner and they have used it to pee up the wall, it’s unbelievable.

“If this cannot be stopped the property owners will have to consider putting locked gates at each end of the passage.”

Coun McAuley brought the issue to the attention of Boston Borough Council’s environment and health department, but it was discovered the alleyway is privately-owned.

The council has said it is writing to the land owner about the issue.

In March the council, in partnership with the police, put up a poster featuring a pair of eyes with the message ‘you are being watched’ in Hatter Lane – a public right of way between Bridge Street and West Street.

The move came after reports people were using the area as a toilet.

The borough council has recently invested £95,000 refurbishing the public toilets in the town.

They are situated at Wide Bargate, Central Park and the Bus Station in Lincoln Lane.