National interest in litter campaign

Editor Stephen Stray being interviewd at The Standard office by a TV crew from BBC Look North. GG
Editor Stephen Stray being interviewd at The Standard office by a TV crew from BBC Look North. GG

OUR ‘name and shame’ litter louts campaign has received national media attention.

As reported in The Standard, we have teamed up with Boston Borough Council to help identify litter louts caught in the act on the council’s 72 CCTV cameras.

Now television and radio news companies have shown an interest in the scheme which begins at the end of August.

On Monday The Standard was visited by a television crew from BBC Look North who interviewed editor Stephen Stray.

“It is great to see our latest campaign generating such interest, with both TV and radio featuring the story,” said Stephen.

“This all helps to drive home the message that littering will no longer be tolerated in Boston.”

The Standard will print the CCTV images of those which the council cannot identify – calling on the public’s help to name them.

It is hoped this will also act as a deterrent to others.

Littering includes dropping cigarette butts and owners not picking up their dog’s mess.

Jill Partingson, spokesman for Keep Britain Tidy said: “I think it is a very positive campaign – why should people who break the law simply get away with it – they should be exposed.

“People may forget that something as small and seemingly-trivial as a cigarette butt carries the same fine as dropping a sandwich wrapper – but it does.”

She added: “Litter is detrimental to where people live and it costs the council and taxpayers money to clean up.”

Coun Michael Brookes, portfolio holder for street cleansing and refuse, said: “The council is pleased to again be working with The Standard on this initiative

“The impact of reintroducing the scheme is being felt already with the amount of publicity it has received.”

He added: “No one will be able to say they were not warned.”

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