Parked cars mess up bin collections


Council officials are asking residents to be considerate about where they park their vehicles, especially on bin collection days, after having to delay collections due to ‘inappropriately’ parked cars.

A spokesman for Boston Borough Council today (Tuesday) said that for a second collection day, in a row cars parked inappropriately at Rose Place, off Skirbeck Road, had meant the bin men had been unable to collect the bins - despite having been there twice and leaving notes on the windscreen.

They said they will try again tomorrow morning (Wednesday).

The spokesman said last week it was the same two or three cars blocking access. However, he said the cars could not be ticketed because they were not parked illegally, just ‘inconsiderately’.

He said: “The knock on effect is that at the end of the day, some other streets won’t have their bins collected, as well as the one we can’t get down.”

“We’re just asking people to look carefully at where they are parking their vehicles and be considerate, because it affects their neighbours as well.”

A similar situation occurred a few weeks ago on Horace Street.

Pre-empting some criticism from residents, the spokesman said bin men were reluctant to walk down the street to collect bins and take them to the lorry because of the time and effort involved, which could be spent collecting accessible bins, and because some residents were very ‘territorial’ about their bins if they were to be returned to the wrong address.

In related news, the council have warned that temporary road restrictions on Hartley Street may affect collections.

They are asking people on that road to present bins as normal and the refuse team will try to collect them.

The spokesman said: “If we are unable to collect your bin we will return as soon as we can gain access to the road.”