‘Facewatch’ features the faces of 20 connected to retail crime


Retailers in Boston now have access to a database of information on local shoplifters in a bid to tackle crime.

Called Facewatch - the database is part of Boston’s Shopwatch scheme which allows retailers to work together with the authorities to combat such crimes.

It will enable businesses to quickly alert each other if there is an issue.

The Shopwatch scheme launched last year with its ‘name-and-shame’ initiative which saw photos of serial shoplifters displayed in stores across the town to show they are banned from premises.

Shopwatch chairman Dan Forman said: “We currently have 20 faces on the site which are called subjects of interest from incidents that have been reported since April 18.

“We applied for and received a grant of £900 from the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner to cover the set-up fee and the first eight months subscription to Facewatch.

“This system how now been setup and a number of retailers are actively using it to share crime-related information with each other, and also with the police, East Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership and Boston Borough Councils CCTV department.”