Firefighters’ ladder climb

A TEAM of firefighters have narrowly missed out on setting a new world ladder climbing record - but raised hundreds of pounds for charity during the attempt.

Firefighters from Boston, Kirton, Leverton and Skegness battled with heat and exhaustion on Sunday as they tried to surpass the current 25.8 mile record for the greatest distance climbed on ladders in eight hours.

Despite their valiant efforts, the group fell just short of the mark at 23.5 miles, before collapsing to their knees for a group hug by the platform constructed at the Skegness RNLI station.

A generous £742 for the Firefighters Charity was collected in donations.

In preparation for the event the group had spent time climbing the 19 flights of steps at Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital.

Throughout the day, the group consumed a staggering 192 bottles of water and £80 worth of energy drinks.