FLOOD ANNIVERSARY: “It was heaven to finally move home in August”

Jacky and Terry Homewood
Jacky and Terry Homewood

One couple have described moving back into their home as ‘heaven’.

Terry and Jacky Homewood, of Irby Street, were hit by the floods on December 5 reaching up to the third step on their stairs and ruining personal belongings, the carpet and furniture including a recently-bought £3,000 sofa.

The Standard spoke to them on the day after the flood and caught up with them again this week to find out what happened in the months that followed.

Jacky said their insurance helped get everything sorted as soon as possible - but it took a while for the house to dry out.

She said: “The insurance was pretty good, we had no messing about with them.”

However, she said she knew others had not had good experiences with their insurance.

Following the disaster, they were forced to move in with Terrence’s brother while their house dried out. They were out of their house for about eight-and-a-half months before they were able to move back in towards the end of August.

Jacky said: “It was heaven moving back in. We’re still not sorted and I don’t think we ever will be back to normal.

“It’s not like living in your own house, he’s (brother-in-law) got his own things. It unsettles everything really be we got on all right. It was good of him to have us.”

The couple also took advantage of the council’s protection scheme to upgrade their doors to include flood shielded ones and other precautions.

The pair said others in their street had not been as lucky as them, with some still not moved in and others selling up.