Grave decorations are taken... again

A WOMAN has been left devatstated after items were stolen from her family’s graves - for a second time this year.

Mavis Ashton discovered a ‘vast amount’ of silk flowers and their brass fittings and containers had been stolen from the resting places of her mother Joyce May Whealley and husband Olly Ashton’s graves.

It is the second time this type of theft has happened this year, the previous incident happening at the end of May.

Mrs Ashton said there had been about £83 worth of silk flowers in the containers.

She said: “Someone must have them, we have looked around the cemetery and they are not here.

“They could have been sold at a car boot or given as a gift to someone who could have them sat in their front room.”

Mavis’ daughter Linda said it was ‘getting beyond a joke’.

Linda added: “It’s beyond belief, the flowers were here Thursday, here Friday, and here Saturday until at least 4.30pm.

“My daughter’s even suggested coming and sitting down somewhere just to watch.”

She said the flowers had got a distinctive grey ticket underneath because the family couldn’t get them off.

A police spokesman, however, said as immoral as such a theft was, items left at a churchyard are on display in a public place which made crime prevention a bit more tricky.

Beat manager for the area Pc Fran Harrod said: “It is very sad that a theft of this nature should occur twice.

“(Cremetorium staff) will phone us to report any suspicious activity and officers and PCSOs patrol the area on a very regular basis".