Head's job in question

THE position of Helen McEvoy as headteacher of Boston's newly-merged grammar school has come under threat just weeks before the start of the new term.

Her controversial appointment as headteacher of the federated Boston Grammar and Boston High schools has taken a dramatic turn after a Government official revealed her role could be taken away from her.

Mrs McEvoy, currently headteacher of Boston High School, was the only candidate for the new job and may have to take part in a new selection process.

Protestors have said for weeks that the way appointment regulations were interpreted was wrong, and claimed it went against good governor practice.

The Standard was shown an e-mail from Cliff Baldry, of the Government's Governor Line, to campaigner Phillip Bosworth.

In it Mr Baldry says the Government thought action and advice from Lincolnshire County Council relating to the procedure which appointed Mrs McEvoy was 'wrong'.

Mr Baldry wrote: "The appointment of a headteacher must be by national advertisement, by the federated governing body.

"The local authority is being instructed to advise the governing bodies of the situation and the need for the appropriate procedures to be followed.

"They (the headteacher) cannot consider themselves to be appointed to the post, and the local authority as the advising authority should write to them accordingly.

"This means when you join the federated body in September you will have the opportunity of taking part in the appointment, and having a say on the management structure."

Mr Bosworth, who will sit on the governing body of the federated school, claims county council employees unfairly directed and influenced both grammar schools' governors.

Mr Bosworth said: "The most aggravating thing is the rules are clear, and it was unlikely the Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) was going to go back on its printed and issued regulations.

"I am compiling a complaint to send to the county council's chief executive, monitoring officer, deputy chief executive and solicitor.

"There are 'misuse of public office' issues here resulting from several county council employees' behaviour in this whole affair."

Fellow protestor and High School governor Charles Campion said: "I want Boston's grammar schools to get the best headteacher, and am quite happy if Mrs McEvoy is that person, but we need a transparent process.

"The laws for governors are very clear and all are given a book of the law. In light of this debacle, and the appalling way the High School governors have acted, they should all resign immediately or the new school will begin with a dark cloud above it."