Apology for man who feels he was ‘kicked out’ of hospital

Pilgrim Hospital, Boston. ENGEMN00120130504093848 ENGEMN00120130504093848
Pilgrim Hospital, Boston. ENGEMN00120130504093848 ENGEMN00120130504093848

The trust in charge of Pilgrim Hospital has apologised to a former cancer-sufferer after kicking him out with ‘little to no warning’.

Eric Jones, 55, of Trinity Street, Boston, said he was thrown out of the hospital with no prior warning after a two-week stay with a fractured hip.

He claims he wasn’t given a care plan on release, that the doctor didn’t know he was going to be asked to leave and that he was left without medication.

He said: “I simply think I wasn’t ready, the doctor hadn’t said I was fit to go. They didn’t give me an aftercare plan, they knew where I lived and told me not to be concerned.”

He was told he was discharged because of concerns over MRSA, however, he said he was staying next to someone with the condition and staff routinely went to see that patient before visiting him.

He said he was left waiting for three hours before leaving.

Mr Jones is in remission from cancer and takes morphine everyday.

He ended up with the fracture after an accident during exercise he had been advised to carry out by his GP. After the accident he also found he had brittle bones from his cancer treatement.

Mr Jones said he had ‘wonderful’ treatment by staff and had got along with everybody in the ward until that point.

A spokesman for United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust apologised to Mr Jones that there were aspects of his care that did not meet the required.

They said: “Mr Jones was assessed to be fit for discharge and as such, this was organised by the co-ordinator. Unfortunately Mr Jones left the hospital before getting his medications or care plan.

“After he left hospital, the ward sister rang his keyworker to inform them he left before he had received all his paperwork or medicines.”

The said the trust is working with Mr Jones to address his concerns.