John to be Mr October on ‘dull men’ calendar

John Richards of Boston who has been to selected to appear as Mr October in 2015 Dull Calendar.
John Richards of Boston who has been to selected to appear as Mr October in 2015 Dull Calendar.

It’s OK to be dull - that’s the message from a Boston man who has been selected to pose for a new calendar celebrating the more simple things in life.

John Richards, who runs the Apostrophe Appreciation Society, will star as Mr October in the international Dull Men’s Club calendar.

Mr Richards, of Vauxhall Road, said: “The word ‘dull’ is used only because some people might consider our interests dull or boring.

“It does not mean we are dull, but just that one aspect of our life might be considered dull by other people.”

In his photoshoot for the 2015 calendar Mr Richards was snapped around Boston town ‘looking in horror’ at signs and posters either missing apostrophes or with the apostrophes in the wrong place.

The Dull Men’s Club was started in America by a group of men reading about clubs for various sports or pastimes. They agreed that they didn’t follow any of those things. Deciding they sounded a bit dull they started their own club.

The club claims it is for people who want to be free from the pressure of being ‘in’ or ‘trendy’.

Other members featuring on the calendar include a man who collects photographs of roundabouts, a ‘drain spotter’, and one who sends the same Valentine’s card to his wife every year.

Mr Richards, a retired newspaper sub-editor, added: “I think it is probably better to have an interest, even if some people consider it boring, than to have no interest at all. That really could be boring.”

Leland Carlson, assistant vice-president at the UK office of the International Council of Dull Men, said: “The idea behind the calendar is to have a bit of fun. It will also feature a list of events throughout the year, such as a rhubarb festival and the World Pea Shooting Championships.”

The calendar is due to come out next month and will be available through the Dull Men’s Club website and on Amazon.