Kids club members see the fruits of their labours

Youngsters at Kirton Kids Club with the results of their flower growing.

Youngsters at Kirton Kids Club with the results of their flower growing.

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Youngsters at Kirton Kids Club have seen the fruits of their green-fingered labours...quite literally.

Sowing the seeds for a healthier future, the children have also been busy growing vegetables and learning about healthy eating as part of Boston Borough Council’s ‘Growing to Cook/Eat’ project.

The colourful results of their work now provides an attractive summer sight at the youth centre, in High Street.

They have also been helping the local bee population by growing wild flowers and putting out little bee houses for the insects to live in.

This is the second summer the project has been running.

A spokesman for the kids club said: “The children are learning about healthy lifestyles and keeping their bodies exercised and well-fed. They have set the seeds this year and helped to plant the vegetables. There are now two-year-old fruit trees which supplied fresh apples last year and look to do the same again this year.

“The cherries seemed to feed the birds last year but this spring netting was bought to put over them so the youngsters will enjoy these too.”

In the storms of last December the kids club lost its greenhouse but it has been supplied with a new one that just needs putting together.

The spokesman added: “The 1st Kirton Cadets have come forward to complete this mammoth task and are, at present, erecting the green house for use this season.”

The healthy growing activities run alongside the many sports, games and play they enjoy at the club before school from 7.30am and after school to 5.45pm.

For more details email or call 07583 762072.